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What is Iran? Axis of Evil? Home of radicals? Land of terrorists? These phrases are bullshit. Iran is the country of open-minded, polite and hospitable people. Full of secrets. Beautiful nature and diversity. And a leadership with offensive rhetoric. Do you think you know Iran? // Ismered Iránt? Leszámolunk a sztereotípiákkal, a tudatlansággal és az ismeretlentől való félelemmel. Egy ország nem egyenlő a vele kapcsolatos politikai hírekkel.

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Layers of Zagros mountains with nomadic tent

danielfromhungary 2011.05.13. 15:48

Címkék: travel iran mountain nomad zagros

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Wool and meat/Zagros mountain, Chahar Mahal province

danielfromhungary 2011.04.04. 11:19

Címkék: flock iran mountain mahal nomads bakhtiari zagros chahar

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Campfire with bakhtiari nomad family/Zagros mountain, Chahar Mahal province, Iran

danielfromhungary 2011.03.20. 19:05

Címkék: iran mountain nomad bakhtiari zagros

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Horse in the mountains in Gilan province

danielfromhungary 2011.03.01. 18:42

Címkék: travel iran mountain gilan

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Bakhtiari nomad is looking for flock/Shahrekord province, Zagros mountain close to Chelgerd

danielfromhungary 2011.02.21. 10:21

Címkék: iran mountain nomad bakhtiari zagros shahrekord

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Canyon in Qeshm island with local guide/Persian Gulf

danielfromhungary 2011.02.18. 11:11

Címkék: iran island canyon gulf qeshm persian

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Damavand, Gosfand Sara, 3200 m

danielfromhungary 2011.01.31. 08:58

Címkék: iran sara nature trekking mountain damavand gosfand

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Old buildings of Tehran

danielfromhungary 2011.01.26. 08:59

Címkék: iran tehran

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Toilet in the forest/Fouman, Gilan province

danielfromhungary 2011.01.20. 10:39

Címkék: iran tourism mountain gilan fouman

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A boring day in Tehran's highways

danielfromhungary 2011.01.17. 13:49

Címkék: iran highway tehran tochal

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Milad tower, the highest building in Iran (435m)/Tehran

danielfromhungary 2011.01.14. 10:37

Címkék: travel iran photo tower tehran milad

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Ancient skull-shape gate in Karanaq/Lut desert, Yazd provonce

danielfromhungary 2011.01.06. 11:02

Címkék: travel iran desert yazd karanaq lut

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Lizard in Lut desert, close to Yazd-Mashad main road

danielfromhungary 2011.01.03. 11:43

Címkék: travel iran nature desert lizard lut

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Water lily/The biggest freshwater lagoon on Earth, Anzali, Gilan province, North of Iran

danielfromhungary 2010.12.30. 23:24

Címkék: travel iran tourism lagoon caspian gilan anzali

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Water reservoir in Lut desert

danielfromhungary 2010.12.27. 12:53

Címkék: iran water desert lut reservoir

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Hengam island, Persian Gulf - female shell collectors

danielfromhungary 2010.12.19. 22:15

Címkék: travel iran tourism island traveling gulf persian hengam

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Lar valley, Tehran province/springtime trekking

danielfromhungary 2010.12.15. 21:27

Címkék: iran nature trekking traveling valley tehran lar

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Chakchak/iranian tourists at zoroastrian holy place Chakchak

danielfromhungary 2010.12.13. 22:24

Címkék: iran tourism desert zoroastrian chakchak

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windows and puppets in Masuleh, the tourist village in Gilan province

danielfromhungary 2010.12.09. 10:48

Címkék: iran tourism gilan masuleh

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'Haft sin' at Nowrooz, symbols of the persian new year

danielfromhungary 2010.12.05. 22:17

Címkék: iran nowrooz

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Tehran under Mt.Tochal/Sadeghieh metro station

danielfromhungary 2010.11.30. 09:51

Címkék: iran mountain tehran tochal

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Tehran/photo exhibition at Tehran Garden

danielfromhungary 2010.11.26. 09:35

Címkék: iran photo exhibition culture tehran

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Yellow field in Lar valley/North of Iran, Damavand area

danielfromhungary 2010.11.24. 12:21

Címkék: iran photo mountain damavand lar

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Esfahan/Moojan, the fake McDonald's

danielfromhungary 2010.11.22. 09:31

Címkék: travel fake mcdonalds iran desert esfahan

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Ardakan/Camilla the lonely camel in the backyard

danielfromhungary 2010.11.17. 10:19

Címkék: camel iran desert ardakan

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